PYC Paper Competition


The Juries

We are honored to have three reputable juries for our PYC’s Paper Competition 2020.

Dr Sandy Kerr
Dr. Sandy Kerr
Heriot-Watt University United Kingdom
Dr. -Ing. Evita H. Legowo
Swiss German University Indonesia
Sarjiya, Ph.D.
Universitas Gadjah Mada Indonesia

Tell us what you have explored to create a better Energy Future!

The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC) is pleased to announce the PYC Paper Competition to recognize energy enthusiast’s valuable contributions to strengthening national energy security.

Our central theme for this 2021 conference is “The Enhancement of Energy Security for a Sustainable Future.” This conference provides a platform for governments, private sectors, academics, researchers, and professionals worldwide to discuss energy security globally and Indonesia in particular. With regards to that, we would like to invite you all to submit the paper of your project and research related to the following themes:

Theme: “The Enhancement of Energy Security for a Sustainable Future”


  • energy security
  • energy economics
  • energy analysis
  • energy modeling 
  • integrated energy systems 
  • energy planning
  • environmental and energy management
  • energy conservation
  • energy efficiency
  • energy innovation 
  • fuel and energy technology 
  • biomass and bioenergy
  • new and renewable energy
  • energy storage 
  • energy finance 
  • energy geopolitics
  • energy law and policy

Open : 8 February 2021

Deadline : 20 August 2021

Announcement : 6 October 2021

Submission :

Subject : [CPF2021] Full Name – Paper’s Title


  • 1st Winner: IDR 5,000,000
  • 2nd Winner: IDR 4,000,000
  • 3rd Winner: IDR 3,000,000
  • 4th Winner: IDR 2,000,000
  • 5th Winner: IDR 1,000,000
  • 6th – 10th Winner: each IDR 750,000

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The paper can be the result of one or multiple authors.
  2. Entries must not contain any discriminatory or obscene language/content.
  3. Entries must be original work.
  4. The submitted paper should be written in English.
  5. After submission, all of the materials will belong to PYC. Thus, PYC reserves the sole right to reproduce and publish any and all of the entries submitted for this competition on behalf of the original author(s).
  6. Registrants can submit more than one paper at the same time.
  7. Participation in our competitions is free of charge. There is no registration/administration fee associated with competition application or submission.
  8. The final decision of the winner for competitions is final and deemed absolute. Once announced, it can’t be rescinded under any circumstance.
  9. The top ten winners are obligated to submit their paper to the Indonesian Journal of Energy and actively participate in the peer-review process. 
  10. Once the paper is accepted, it can not be withdrawn.

Paper Guidelines :

General Guidelines :

  1. The paper must be written in English
  2. Font, Space, and Margin: Times New Roman font size 11, 1.5 line spacing, margin 1 inch on all sides.
  3. Abstract, Tables and figures: Times New Roman font size 10, single line spacing.
  4. Titles: Written in English, Times New Roman font size 18, Font Bold, 1.5 line spacing.
  5. Footnotes: Times New Roman font size 9, single line spacing.
  6. The full paper shall contain (i) the full name(s) of the author(s) without any title or degree, (ii) name of the department or institutional affiliation, (iii) email address(es) of the author(s).
  7. Plagiarism below 15%.
  8. Reference list: APA Style.